January 11th, 2007


I should I go into what’s behind these little guys.. I have been mixed-media-ing on these antique pages for more than 3 years.

I started when I found an old ‘dictionary of cookery’ (probably published in the early 19th century) at the flea market in Santa Cruz. Opened it, and immediately noticed old recipes handwritten into the cover..also noticed that the pages were not recipes, but for some reason someone (long ago?) had bound in the pages of an old anatomical textbook of some sort (my imagination is still running wild with that one). I kind of got stuck to the book there, and gave the guy 50¢ for it.

It took me a while to get to the point where I could actually tear the pages out and draw on them ( I have a geeky reverence for antiques from my childhood antique mall excursions across the country with my parents ).

At first the book just sat there. I would thumb through the outrageously outdated medical information (apparently, masterbation causes blindness and a host of other impure illnesses, and of course women are not to be allowed outside when depressed). About a week later, I decided to start tearing out the pages and doodling on them. It became very thereputic as it satisfied the need to doodle while watching StarTrek, and also to arbitrarily re-appropriate something intended for another use. I have always been bothered by the act of ‘defining’ and naming, and(to be honest) I do still love Barthes, and Bateson and Certeau etc.. but I have to admit, as time passes, some of that shit’s been internalized, and some forgotten, and I mostly just enjoy the textures and practice now.

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  1. Jaime Says:

    …do you mean Gregory Bateson? That cientist who was married to Margaret Mead?

  2. sleeptest Says:

    Yep. Thanks for the correction!

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