May 12th, 2007


We had another successful SB C Art Group gathering last Friday at Ethan and Bill’s ‘Perch Art Studio/Gallery’.

Both Jonny Troyna and Steve Soria presented video pieces, digitally projected onto the Perch wall between Bill’s new minimalistic alters.

Steve’s piece (image below), an eerily empty/vacant feeling animation depicting several pilot-less blimps hovering around a hyper-urban lurching city full of cartoonish angles and open windows. Hanging from each blimp were several arms with surveillance cameras attached to them, bobbing up and down as if to seek out a better view into a window or doorway below.

Shifting scale from Soria’s macro scaled cityscape, we then watched Jonny’s piece (image below) which focuses only on a sleepy, ailing/dying hummingbird. The backwards soundscape combined with a barely intelligible poem being softly spoken by a computerized voice lulls you into a sort-of calm yet emotionally aware alpha-state. Jonny discussed his process a little, and how happenstance plays into art-making (in this case, he had set up the camera’s for something else when the hummingbird appeared).

After Jonny’s presentation, conversation turned to Bill’s minimalist alters, which had all (amazingly) been built, painted, and mounted in the space of a week. Bill casually posed questions about how humans ability to ‘focus’ relates to shapes, color, and of course context.


Image is still from Jonny Troyna’s video piece.

Still from Steve Soria’s motion work for his Exhibition at CAF

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