November 9th, 2007


I have a small piece in this show this evening.  Late notice? Yes.

ATKINSON GALLERY  at Santa Barbara City College is pleased to announce
the 22nd small images exhibition. This lively and popular show opens
on Friday, November 9, from 5 at 7pm.

One of the oldest art competitions on the West Coast, this exhibition
is juried from hundreds of artists’ submissions that use a variety of
media. Cash awards are presented the night of the opening.

ATKINSON GALLERY is located on the East Campus, on the second floor of
the Humanities building, of Santa Barbara City College, at 721 Cliff
Drive Santa Barbara. Gallery Hours:

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September 15th, 2007

Airport Anatomy Map - Warren Schultheis

Airport II Anatomy Map - Warren Schultheis

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July 15th, 2007

Robert Heckes Piece

I’ve not written about it much lately – but the Art Group meetings are still going strong.

Last week we met at Edward Cella Art & Architecture for some very interesting discussion with Robert Heckes about his new work there. Edward gave a very nice introduction and then we had a nice dialogue about Roberts work, process, and direction. We then migrated over to the Heckes household where we were able to get a peek at the organizational phenomenon that is Roberts studio, and talked with him about his plans for his new (very ambitious) series.

He had also arranged for an awesome pasta dish and drinks when we went inside to watch a screening of Cory Archangel’s ‘Digital Diaries’, which catalyzed another set of interesting questions and conversations.

Ethan Turpin & Tellef Tellefson

June’s meeting at Calicos had a very different feel – but was great in a very conversational way. There were two low-key critique sessions with Calico and Rebeckah, and a lot of conversation in small groups during the course of the evening, as things evolved into a great BBQ. Calico described her plans to experiment with video. Rebeckah gave us a tour of her process and intimate paintings. Anissa Mack was also there to talk about her recent work at CAF and the piece she had hanging in the livingroom.

There’s nothing like snacking on edamame, sipping beer, and chatting about ideas with great folks.

**Sorry I didn’t get any photos of this meeting. Didn’t take my camera.

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July 14th, 2007

I think I’m finally coming to some clarity about how I want these to look and feel. Here are some digital sketches of what are soon to become hard edged paintings.

untitled (cluster)

Sketch 1
untitled (lake and roads)

There are more at my page at link

June 1st, 2007



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May 18th, 2007

google tags

google tags two

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May 12th, 2007


The idea that an enthography is ‘personal’ is probably a little redundant. How can a person create anything but something that is already impossibly personal? In other words, how can you objectively observe yourself or anything else without it being tinted by a bunch of random variables (memories, associations, landscapes, factoids, etc)? Maybe I’m just hung up on this.. A lot of my work has been in some way about this problem. I don’t think that I have come to any particular clarity about this – nor do I think it (clarity) is really that necessary.

Anyway.. The above are a few more ‘maps’ or ‘ethnographies’ or ‘pieces of plexi-glass and canvas with paint and markings on them’.

The painting sitting on the floor is a riff on ‘benediction’.

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May 12th, 2007


We had another successful SB C Art Group gathering last Friday at Ethan and Bill’s ‘Perch Art Studio/Gallery’.

Both Jonny Troyna and Steve Soria presented video pieces, digitally projected onto the Perch wall between Bill’s new minimalistic alters.

Steve’s piece (image below), an eerily empty/vacant feeling animation depicting several pilot-less blimps hovering around a hyper-urban lurching city full of cartoonish angles and open windows. Hanging from each blimp were several arms with surveillance cameras attached to them, bobbing up and down as if to seek out a better view into a window or doorway below.

Shifting scale from Soria’s macro scaled cityscape, we then watched Jonny’s piece (image below) which focuses only on a sleepy, ailing/dying hummingbird. The backwards soundscape combined with a barely intelligible poem being softly spoken by a computerized voice lulls you into a sort-of calm yet emotionally aware alpha-state. Jonny discussed his process a little, and how happenstance plays into art-making (in this case, he had set up the camera’s for something else when the hummingbird appeared).

After Jonny’s presentation, conversation turned to Bill’s minimalist alters, which had all (amazingly) been built, painted, and mounted in the space of a week. Bill casually posed questions about how humans ability to ‘focus’ relates to shapes, color, and of course context.


Image is still from Jonny Troyna’s video piece.

Still from Steve Soria’s motion work for his Exhibition at CAF

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April 16th, 2007


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April 7th, 2007

Jonny,  Saul,  Steve
Jonny, Saul, Steve

Last weeks gathering went wonderfully.

Based on the Evite tally, I thought just a few of us would show up. Instead, we had a very nicely sized gathering; Steve Soria, Tellef, Ethan Turpin, Bill McVickar, Jonny Troyna, Akiko Ooi, Calico Brown (and daughter), Saul GH, and myself.

Conversations ranged all over; from various uses for databases in art projects, to techniques for plastics and ideas for rusting flight simulators. Saul G. and I were the lucky recipients of some very constructive and healthy critique. Personally, it had been a while since I had so much intelligent, constructive and engaging input. Saul was pretty pleased too. All in all, things are looking very good for ongoing meetings.

Next months meeting will be at Perch (Ethan and Bills space) on Friday, May 4. Jonny T. and Steve Soria will be showing some of their work. Check the ArtBoard for more info as the date approaches.

Bill and Tellef

Thanks to Steve for the extra photos

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